7.–11. 6. 2017

SELF–2017 will take form of a “Temporary Library” – an open place to come and spend time reading or getting inspired with what to read from like-minded professionals. We come from the idea of free sharing and distributing of knowledge.

Our contributors:
Petr Babák (CZ)
Palo Bálik (SK)
Dušan Barok (SK)
Rachel Berger (USA)
Marieke Berghuis (NL)
Stuart Bertolloti-Bailey (GB)
Jan Čumlivski (CZ)
Linda and Daniela Dostálková (CZ)
Alejandro González (ES)
Bardhi Haliti (XK)
Emily King (GB)
Oliver Klimpel (DE)
Ľubomír Longauer (SK)
Radim Peško (CZ)
Jack Self (GB)
Juraj Sukop (SK)
Boy Vereecken (BE)
Instalation of the SELF–Temporary Library was designed by Plural.