autodidactic instrument


5.–10. 9. 2016

Intention of the Self–school was not to work on a particular task / problem and solve it. It was about clearing up the view by research, discussion and collecting information. There was no final presentation, no vernisage. Just the every-day experience of meeting with lectors and co-paraticipants.

SELF–school was set for everyone who works with visual content (graphic designers, visual artists, architects etc.), both professionals and students.

Workshops and lectures by:

Oliver Klimpel (DE)

"Expanded Indentities"


Marieke Berghuis (NL)

"The Cutest Child Stars that Grew Up UGLY!!"

Jan Čumlivski (CZ)

"Truth in Type"

Juraj Sukop (SK)

"Method in Graphic Design"

Bardhi Haliti (NL/XL)

"Time, Transformation and Repetition Through Architecture and Politics"